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How to get more of your customers to renew

How to get more of your customers to renew

Whether you are a web designer who resells our web hosting as nice extra earner or you have a dedicated hosting brand/ business using our back end to help you, your long term aim should always be to have 100% of your customers renew. Strong products and good service will always remain king, but here are a few ideas to add an extra kick to your efforts…

Regular contact

Don’t spam them or send a novel’s worth of content, but make sure you establish regular contact with your customers in a way that they are open to. A newsletter with useful/ interesting content and a competition more often than not tends to go down well. After I bought a book from them, web design/ developer site www.sitepoint.comhave managed to stay at the forefront of my mind through a series of informative and useful newsletters I always read. I have since been back to buy more books directly from them.

Put a face to your service

There are literally hundreds of thousands of faceless websites out there offering services of every kind, some trust worthy and others not. Show the human side of your service to reduce the level of ‘perceived risk’ by using your name in communications (newsletters and customer service emails), add an ‘about us’ page with your picture(s) and if you run a blog use the author’s picture next to the post. Seattle based SEO company SEOmoz does a great job of this

Offer them something they can’t get elsewhere

This approach kills three birds with one stone; it is an excellent branding tool (see below), it attracts new customers and can act as link bait.  What it actually consists of depends on your site and what you can realistically provide, but examples include exclusive price offers, free articles, access to free research, free gifts, and partnership deals with other companies/ web sites…

Make their website a success

A customer whose site is a raging success is less likely to cancel their hosting account than one who has left it to rot for 8 months. Provide them with the resources they need to achieve this e.g. image bank, extensive “How to…” guides, tips & tricks…

Offer an incentive to renew

Don’t always take renewal for granted, and if there are any doubts offer a financial incentive to do so, e.g. “1 month free if you renew now”. About 9 months after last placing an order with I started to receive marketing emails offering me voucher codes and discounts if I bought something else with them, which got increasingly more and more generous as I failed to do so, naturally in the end I did.

Which all lead to…Become a brand!

The trick here is to be more than a faceless company and service provider and become a brand they associate with and have some form of connection. It is important to understand a brand is more than a logo, it is that emotional connection people have with your business through your products, service, tone of voice, pricing, imagery, past experiences etc. A strong brand benefits from more sales, reduced churn and strong word of mouth.

Wikipedia’s article on brands is a good place to start reading more:

If you have any tips you would like to share leave a comment below…