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Moving email from one host to another can be a challenge—it’s not just moving the emails themselves, but the contacts and calendar events too. This email migration service will help you find out how to transfer everything from one email to another, in no time! Use these three easy steps to transfer to Private Email, and benefit from its amazing features without losing your current contacts, emails, and events.

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When you schedule an email migration, you’ll select the email plan for your new account. If you’re migrating more than one account, select a plan for each. They can be the same plan, or different, depending on what you need.

Email migration  move your  emails, attachments and folders from your old mailbox to your new. It also makes it possible to keep your existing email address— one that includes.

Yes! We’ve got a great promotions going on right now. For the launch of our new email migration web experience, we’re waiving the entire £49.99 fee.