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Which software are web hosting customers looking for?

As a Reseller Hosting customer you can give your own clients access to a diverse range of over 70 one click install web apps, including CMS, analytics, email and more. The choices you have to make are which of these you make available in the web hosting control panel (all, a selection or none, the choice is yours) and how prominently you display them on your website.

Key decisions include:

• Which one click install software do clients expect you to give them access to?

• Are there any logos you should display on your website’s home page?

• Are there any that need to be on your main sales copy?

• Should you have a dedicated page for some of the software?

Rather than guessing, here are some useful stats to help you rank the software in priority order based on what customers want.

The number of installs from our servers

The best place to start is always with what customers are doing. With this in mind, the 20 most popular one click install apps, based on installations from our servers in the past 30 days, are:

Keyword Monthly Searches (UK)
[wordpress] 301,000
[moodle] 165,000
[joomla] 27,100
[drupal] 14,800
[opencart] 6,600
[prestashop] 4,400
[roundcube] 2,900
[zen cart] 2,400
[sugarcrm] 2,400
[concrete5] 1,900
[buddypress] 1,900
[piwik] 1,000
[awstats] 880
[cms made simple] 880
[phpbb3] 720
[squirrel mail] 720
[osticket] 720
[form to email] 110
[open web analytics] 110

Choosing the right software

Based on this data the key one click install web apps I would advertise prominently on my website (home page, web hosting product page and even a dedicated landing page) are WordPress, Joomla, OpenCart, Drupal and PrestaShop. If I were targeting educational websites I would also make Moodle available and prominently display it on my website, as it is clearly very popular software amongst that segment.